Woord- & begripverklaring

Achos (Welsh):
  because (followed by fod or a “that”-clause)
     Fydd e ddim yma heddiw achos fod e’n sâl.
      He won’t be here today because he’s sick.
      Wordsense – Achos

  The Persian word for a silent, extremely pungent smelling fart; can be used as a verb.
      To pronounce it correctly, think of the word “most.” Keeping all the sounds the same, change the M to a CH and drop the T. Also in past tense form (such as “chosed,” the S does not turn into a Z, is keeps the same sound)
      I let out the nastiest chos in the car and my mom nearly suffocated.
      WHO CHOSED???
      He is the chosmaster supreme, fo’ sho’.
      Urbandictionary – Chos

Barf out:
  Someone or something that is annoying, repulsive, bad or terrible.

Gag me with a spoon:
  … forcing oneself to vomit.

  An image that has been altered with Adobe® Photoshop® software, usually for humorous effect.